Regnan Advisory builds on 15+ years of experience in ESG and responsible investment services to a variety of investment institutions including asset owners, asset managers, and banks. We provide capabilities to assist investment institutions to embed ESG into core policies, processes and positioning. We develop organisation-appropriate strategies which reflect and build on current state.

Advisory services for asset owners are tailored to support long term investment strategies, fiduciary requirements and build portfolio resilience. Services provided include ESG investment policies, stewardship strategies, active ownership, manager ESG integration and reputation management.

For asset managers, advisory services are structured to embed ESG into core investment and portfolio management processes, rather than overlays. Services include integration of ESG into product strategy and portfolio management, integration of ESG into security-level fundamental analysis and issue-specific process/product integration (e.g. decarbonisation).

Regnan also supports clients with organisational change strategies to ease ESG implementation including organisational positioning and strategy support, leadership support, gap/needs analysis, implementation support and communications support.

If you would like to know more about Regnan's advisory services, please contact us.