Investment insight, portfolio risk reporting

As institutional investors develop an increasingly sophisticated approach to the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks to their portfolios, fund managers have increasingly sought ways to demonstrate their ESG capabilities.

Regnan research — filling the gap

Financial analysts have often recognised the importance of environmental, social and governance risks but have struggled with the development of consistent and visible ways to incorporate these into their valuation, portfolio management and client reporting.

Regnan's research is used by fund managers to address this need.  Incorporating both quantitative and qualitative inputs, we provide investment-ready ESG data and narrative analysis on S&P/ASX200 companies.

Regnan's research differs from others in being primarily focused on ESG factors' impact on the main drivers of earnings and growth for each stock.  It is the distillation of ESG-focussed commercial analysis; not a data aggregator.

Our quality ESG research is available to fund managers through a range of services, including our own client portal.

Proven alpha

A number of fund managers successfully integrate Regnan research within their processes and commercial and academic research has confirmed that Regnan's ESG data evidences investment signals.  While pleasing, such results are rarely a surprise; our analysis explicitly addresses itself to the mechanisms by which ESG factors interact with fundamental drivers of value for a given stock.

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