Responsible investing helps fund managers make better decisions

Regnan worked with one of Pendal Group’s top fund managers to get a better outcome for dairy producer A2 Milk — and for investors.

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Regnan shares insights on better modern slavery practices

Regnan has engaged with dozens of companies to seek change on modern slavery practices, which affect some 40 million people.

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A pioneer in
responsible investing

Regnan is a responsible investment pioneer with a long, proud heritage in providing advice and insights on environmental, social and governance issues.

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Returns with impact: invest in companies with innovative solutions for the world’s biggest problems

A defensive investment strategy that puts capital to work for positive change

An exclusive system of analysing innovators

Developed over several years, our proprietary system identifies and tests the companies we believe are well-placed to solve the world’s biggest problems.

A strategy positioned for long-term change

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as an investment lens. The UN has called for trillions of dollars of annual investment to achieve these goals by 2030.

A different path to growth returns

Rather than investing in companies fighting for the same pie, this strategy identifies companies that are redefining their markets. As those markets grow, these companies stand to grow.

$US2 trillion

Estimated global value of all potential impact investor assets, 2019

International Finance Corporation, Growing Impact 2020 report

$US12 trillion

Value of new market opportunities if United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are met

Business and Sustainable Development Commission, 2017 (architect of the SDGs)

A straight-forward first step into impact investing

Provides easy access to an institutional-grade impact investment fund that is highly liquid, diversified and scalable.

Transparent reporting brings to life the positive impact of your investments

Invests in green and social bonds that fund projects designed to bring measureable, positive change to people and the planet.

A low-risk complement to your cash and fixed income investments

Targets financial returns of cash plus 1% to 3% per annum.


Return since inception (pre-fee)

As at 30/08/21


Benchmark since inception

As at 30/08/21

Stewardship Services

Regnan has a long and proud heritage providing advice and insights on important environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

For more than 20 year our pioneering analysis has changed the way investors and businesses think about value creation and their wider responsibilities to society.

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Engagement and Advocacy
Regnan’s Engagement Impact Report 2021: Climate change, modern slavery, and Indigenous relations among top issues

Climate change, modern slavery and Indigenous relations top issues 92% of Regnan’s active engagements demonstrate progress Download Regnan’s Engagement Impact Report 2021 RESPONSIBLE investing leader Regnan undertook 87 engagements with 44…

Regnan Research
How companies fail at diversity – and why investors should care

New research report analyses diversity, equity and inclusion as indicators of company performance. Diversity programs won’t improve business performance without equity and inclusion. The report offers a blueprint for Diversity,…

Regnan Research
H2 beyond CO2: Filling the gaps in the environmental case for hydrogen

The world economy needs to reach net-zero emissions by about 2050 to limit global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius. It also needs to reduce energy-related air and soil pollution, which…

Media and Announcements
New investment team joins Regnan

Please see this morning’s ASX announcement for additional context. As part of our growing presence as a leading provider of sustainable and impact strategies globally, this represents Regnan’s first sustainable…

Regnan Research
Catalysing Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production

This paper outlines the limitations of the currently dominant global agriculture and food production models, highlighting that reliance on these unsustainable models alone will exacerbate ecological loads, including climate change,…

Positions and Papers
New model for RI quality helps investors differentiate the real from the illusory levers for change

Regnan Advisory proposes a unifying model to address this in its working paper, On Purpose (link below). Its central idea is summarised in the Top1000 Funds article (click to view)….

Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions Fund

This fund is distributed in Australia via Pendal and in the UK, Europe and other countries via J O Hambro Capital Management.

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